Podcast Mission

The Quest for Meaning Podcast takes listeners on a journey through theology, psychology, philosophy and more as lifelong friends ask the question, "Who are we and what are we doing here?"  Biology has taught us that as humans we are cells expressing lines of code called DNA, but what is our consciousness?

Are we the inherited stories of a thousand past lifetimes, a kiss of life blown from a higher power, or nature vs. nurture expressing itself through seven billion personalities? Or are we all of them and more? Each week, Angie and Allison discuss related topics, bring on expert guests and teach you a thing or two to get you thinking for yourself - What ARE you doing here?

Meet Angie

Angie is a world traveler, multimedia enthusiast, and master of her own destiny.

Meet Allison

Allison is a mom, yogi, fine artist, and master of her own destiny.

Our Story

Angie and Allison met in Art Class in the ninth grade at North Penn School District, in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Their friendship grew stronger as roommates and fellow art majors (Allison studied Graphic Design, Angie Film & Video Production) at Drexel University, where their creative talents were nurtured and the extended campus of Philadelphia, complete with concert venues, exotic restaurants and world-class museums kicked their butts into adulthood.

They were always by eachother's side (or on the other end of a Skype call), intermittently the other's student or teacher leading the self-study of psychological theories, such as Myers-Briggs or on self-help topics, reincarnation, astrology or a gamut of other topics. They have traveled together to Cuba, Las Vegas, New York and have more planned.  On either end of astrology's "Axis of Curiosity" this Gemini & Sagittarius love exploring the depths of their souls, as much as they do this big, beautiful Earth.