Jealous of Your Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign has its strong suits and its challenges connected to it. In our latest YouTube video we go through what we are jealous of for every zodiac sign.

A few highlights from this fun, informative video:

Aries: You are the bad-ass leaders! Thank you! We are not worthy!

Taurus: Best dinner party hosts/hostesses ever!

Gemini: Most interesting topics and recommendations!

Cancer: Splendid next door neighbors!

Leo: Undying confidence! Shed a little bit for us, huh?

Virgo: Wonderful co-workers and so on-point with birthdays!

Libra: Moving their way up to perfection, one degree or success at a time.

Scorpio: Allison’s favorite yoga teachers are scorpios!!

Sagittarius: Undeniable, the best travel buddies!

Capricorn: You make everything better, while respecting tradition.

Aquarius: Ingenious!


So many more little zingers about the signs in this video. Learn more about the zodiac signs and why they are awesome! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube station to support us and tell your friends!

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