Have you looked up your astrological birth chart yet?  

Besides the planets and the houses, there is a little horseshoe-shaped glyph identified as the “North Node” or “True Node” or, if you want to use the Vedic (Indian) term, “Rahu”.  180 degrees it’s opposite, and often without notation, is the “South Node”, or “Ketu”.

Vedic astrologers believe the nodes are the “head and tail of the dragon”, corresponding to the Hindu belief in reincarnation.  In astronomy, they correspond to eclipse cycles, but in astrology they tell us where we came from in our past lives, and what our ultimate destination is in this life.  

I have personally participated in Past Life Regression a few years ago, amongst several other types of guided hypnosis, with the intention of learning more about my soul’s story (and possibly getting over a very devastating breakup – but, whatever drives us to achieve).  Learning astrology and learning about the lunar nodes was incredibly eye-opening, because of the correlations I found between my past lives and my south node.

I had two very difficult past lives, both as men.

In the first, I was a thief (!), and was caught stealing a horse. (Google it – Apparently, this used to be a major crime).  I was imprisoned, pulled from the arms of my beloved girlfriend (who, by the way, was now the recent ex), and spent many long, hopeless years pining for life beyond the walls. It is incredible the depths of the hopelessness I was able to experience under hypnosis.  All the while, I suspected that I had a child in this world who the beloved girlfriend was raising without me. In fact, the knowledge that she had married someone else and raising this child without paying me a visit was a major sore spot.

Then, my hypnotherapist, Morrin Bass, asked me, “What is your primary takeaway or lesson from this life?”


The word spilled out of my mouth.

I had survived a decades-long imprisonment, and somehow maintained my sanity.

The next life, I worked in some type of scientific or medical facility.  I was tinkering away in a lab environment, refusing to acknowledge the work I was doing. (Umm: God’s eye perspective – “WHAT are you doing, buddy?!?! SKETCHY!”)  I was married, to a woman who is in this life my friend, Steph, and we had a herd of children. So, what do I do? I send my wife and children away, continue working and sending them money as I grow old and DIE ALONE.  Steph is lucky I forgave her!

“What is your key lesson or takeaway?”


Which brings me to my astrological chart.

My south node falls in the sixth house, under the sign of Capricorn.  The sixth house is about the mundane, daily life, often detailing the ins and outs of our day.  Our duties. Our responsibilities. And Capricorn is strenuous work, the father sign.

Stamina and Duty.  Do you get any more Capricorn sixth house?

I find indicators in this life and my current natal chart, resurrecting some of these themes.

For example, I have a stellium (four planets) in Sagittarius, in the fifth house, the house that represents leisure, romance and children.

So, this past theme arose again. My own father was abandoned by his father before he was born, and I was always deeply empathetic to children who felt out of place or unloved.  I always wanted to adopt older children or allow a space for children who are not my own, and fate has brought children in a comparable scenario into my life a few years ago, and it feels like a blessing to invest in their growth and happiness.

I don’t know if this comes from a desire to balance out my past lives where I was uninvolved with my own children, the fifth house in my astrological birth chart, my current upbringing, or my ability to manifest.  Or is it all of the above?

The strange thing about pursuing a spiritual path is that you find many overlaps.  While it is hard to say what the meaning to all life is, we can definitely find patterns in our own life, and by accepting these patterns as our purpose in THIS life, find our happiness.

Photo by Cynthia del Río on Unsplash

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