I can get pretty hung up on astrology. I am a Gemini sun with a Virgo midheaven and Aries Venus. For those that are newer to astrology, that means that I am constantly collecting ideas and thoughts (Gemini sun), organizing my life in a very deliberate way (Virgo midheaven), and I am fiercely into my career as a creative entrepreneur (Aries Venus). In doing so, I am very actively involved in my day-to-day, creating the life I desire, without too much influence from a boss or co-workers. I love the freedom of this situation—it suits me—because I get very agitated by office politics. It also serves as a wonderful playing field for manifestation. I am normally in charge of the ebb and flows that happen in my business and I can look to astrology for tips on when the best time is to do different things. And apparently I’m not alone. Did you know that JP Morgan used astrology to predict the market in his early days? Did you know that Ronald Reagan had an in-house astrologer when he was in the White House? 

I use astrology to predict my life—but the following things trigger my anxiety about it, along with some solutions I use to cope.

1. Walking on pins and needles during rough transits

Aww man, so there are a ton of squares transiting in your birth chart? It’s going to be a rough day/week/month/year. You better be careful. 

I think it is always wise to have an element of care as you approach your day, but if it keeps you from taking chances…there is the rub. The thing about squares in the chart, or other hard aspects, is that you are supposed to go through challenging moments in order to get to the other side. We are all growing souls, and we need to push boundaries and make mistakes in order to see them, learn from them, and try another way, or learn that the way that scared you wasn’t that bad and actually just what you needed to get to the next thing.

One of the fun things about astrology is that you can look back at times in your life and see what astrology said then. I’ve looked back at the BEST times in my life and they have been full of squares. If I am really honest, the times I feel best in my life are when I’ve conquered something and really flowed afterwards, knowing I was in full alignment with my true self. Without those squares, I’m not sure I would have felt that.

In summary, don’t shy away from harsh aspects in your chart. Consider them gifts and thank them for getting you into your truest self.

2. Feeling bad about not taking advantage of blessed astrological transits

I will be completely honest here—I feel bad when I don’t do a moon ritual or create an intention on a new or full moon. How silly is that? I know it is, but I still do it. Some astrologers make elections on what the best days are for different things, and I try to take advantage of those transits and do something great on those days. If I don’t or if nothing happens, I feel bad or guilty.

Something I try to keep in mind when I feel this way is the art of detachment. I learn a lot about detachment from Eastern philosophy. It helps that when I’m feeling guilty in this way that I take a step outside myself and have faith that everything happened in the way it was meant to—that maybe things are happening behind the scenes that are blessed that I am not aware of. Feeling guilty or stressed about missed opportunities can really blur one’s vision of the present moment.

Another strategy that helps me when I’m getting hung up on a moment in the past is to practice gratitude. Name 5 things that you are completely grateful for in this moment. That’ll surely get you back into the present. Gotta have faith.

3. Making predictions into realities

Hello, control! Trust me—we are all struggling with an element of control in our lives. That is the human experience. For me, I not only try to control the outcomes of things but also what I need to do in order to get them, that is why making predictions into reality is a really slippery slope for me. 

An astrologer told me early last year that I was going to have a strong desire to move that coming summer. When I was told this, it didn’t resonate….but a seed was planted. Come summer I was ruminating about my boyfriend moving in and knowing there wasn’t enough room for another person in my apartment and then thinking about life outside the city with more room, and blah blah blah. A year later, I still haven’t moved. It is still on my radar to move—but likely to continue living in the city (just a bigger apartment). But the thing is—I don’t know if the desire to move came from astrology or my astrologer. 

There is this balance to knowing too much or using predictions to actually keep you from creating your own intentions. Since last Thanksgiving I have been doing a lot of internal work unblocking and working with shadow and making manifestation lists through the work at To Be Magnetic. One of the things Lacy Phillips (the founder of To Be Magnetic) says is to be careful around predictive astrology because those ideas are hard to remove from your subconscious, and your subconscious is where your manifestations stem from, so you could be blocking your manifestations from coming through.

I can totally see this. 

This brings me back to my tips from #2. I would prefer to live a life of flow and trust in the universe. Predictions are fun, but I can choose which ones I want to let into my subconscious. I purposely trying not to obsess about predictions because I am treading carefully and allowing the magic to occur, and the manifestations to come through.

4. Seeing one side to the story

In all things there is light and dark, highlight and shadow. With every missed opportunity there is another opportunity around the corner. With every “yes” decision, there is a “no” to something else. This can be seen consciously or subconsciously, but it is happening. It is the balance of the universe.

We can get messed up by focusing on one or the other without remembering it’s opposite. Hindsight is 20/20. One trick I practice is to look back at monumental moments in my life. For example, when I quit my corporate job, I felt so much lightness around detoxing from office politics, but on the other hand, I felt very isolated. Light and dark. 

The planet Uranus has recently gone through a big change. After spending 10 years in Aries it has moved into Taurus, and will be there for the next 7-8 years. Uranus is the planet of unexpected, unpredictable sudden change. It can be a scary thing for us control freaks out there. When Uranus went through Aries I got sudden news of infidelity in my marriage and later ended my marriage—dark. But I also birthed my wonderful son, got connected to a wonderful man from my past and am in a wonderful relationship, started numerous businesses, and grew in ways I never could have imagined. I had a couple of other natal planets/aspects that created such drastic shifts in my life during this Uranus transit, but needless to say, I could just focus on the dark part, but that would not be fair—a lot of light and beautiful moments happened too.

5. Withholding actions based on astrology threats

We are in Mercury retrograde right now—this is prime time when more people than normal are blaming astrology for messed up technology, miscommunications, etc. In truth, Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to shine a light on your communication—internally especially. Are you being kind to yourself? Are you practicing self-love? Your outside communication is a reflection of your internal communication, so take this time during Mercury retrograde to look within.

Hard transits are a great time to practice mindfulness while taking actions. Isn’t it great to be mindful about your actions all the time? Well, thank these more challenging astrological aspects for connecting you to your mindfulness. Life needs to continue during the few weeks every year that Mercury is in retrograde. Don’t withhold your actions because of it. Simply thank the transit for giving you the foresight to being mindful about everything you do.

I hope this helps you see some of the dark and light of astrology and gives you ideas on how to move through them with mindfulness, awareness, and a continued faith in your soul’s journey.

With love xoxo,


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