Real Life Astrology: Uranus enters Taurus

March 6, 2019By Angie DiLanzoAstrology

The beautiful blue planet enters the zodiac sign, Taurus, today, where it will stay for the next seven years.  It is saying farewell to Aries, and for those of us who have reached adulthood, we will likely never experience Uranus in Aries again.  Uranus has an 84 year orbit around the sun, so each passage … Read More

The South Node and Who I Used to Be

February 25, 2019By Angie DiLanzoAstrology, Past Lives

Have you looked up your astrological birth chart yet?   Besides the planets and the houses, there is a little horseshoe-shaped glyph identified as the “North Node” or “True Node” or, if you want to use the Vedic (Indian) term, “Rahu”.  180 degrees it’s opposite, and often without notation, is the “South Node”, or “Ketu”. … Read More

Karma: Wicked Little Musings on Destiny and Relationships

February 20, 2019By Angie DiLanzoKarma

“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” is a strange little Broadway musical I watched several years ago, with Andrew Ranells starring as Hedwig, an immigrant German transwoman, the result of a botched DIY gender reassignment surgery undergone in order to make her marriage to an American military officer legit. This husband then brought her overseas before … Read More