Astrology: We’re Jealous of Your Zodiac Sign

February 28, 2019By questformeaningAstrology, Video

Jealous of Your Zodiac Sign Every zodiac sign has its strong suits and its challenges connected to it. In our latest YouTube video we go through what we are jealous of for every zodiac sign. A few highlights from this fun, informative video: Aries: You are the bad-ass leaders! Thank you! We are not worthy! … Read More

Astrology: Chatting about the Quirks of Aquarius

February 2, 2019By questformeaningAstrology, Video

We’re smack in the middle of Aquarius Season 2019, and we’ve got some stellar insights on this Water-Bearing Zodiac Sign for you.  Often considered the Visionary of the Zodiac, we’ve got our own ideas on how Saturn and Uranus play out in your astrological birth chart, especially if you have Aquarius as your Sun Sign. … Read More