Lifelong friends on our spiritual journeys.


A little more about Angie and Allison and their spiritual journeys.

Angie DiLanzo

World Traveler. Amateur Astrologer. Sagittarius.

Adolescent Angie was a hedon, diving headfirst into new experience after new experience.  Her adventurous nature led her to live in New York City, Los Angeles, Australia and to extensively travel throughout six of the seven continents (though she is determined to visit Antarctica by age 40).  Always leaping without looking led her to often ignore instinct, or, as she is convinced *glitches in the matrix*, and she hit the figurative wall a decade ago after her entire world turned upside down (which is how she ended up in the Land of Oz in the first place).

Slowly piecing life back together, she began studying both psychological and philosophical books in an attempt to solve a fractured puzzle.  She learned about karmic debt, reincarnation and became quite the master of self-hypnosis. She has utilized past-life and life-between-lives hypnotherapy and the study of astrology to add dimension and provide meaning.

She is a renaissance woman at heart, with extensive multi-media experience to offset her wanderlust. She believes every person should do one new thing a month, because it keeps you curious and brave, and always give you something to be excited for.

Allison Celenza

Intuitive Artist. Single Mom. Gemini.

Allison's spiritual journey started with her practice of yoga about 10 years ago. As she opened her heart in yoga, she started to see more connections to how yoga was shaping her life on and off the mat. At this time she started diving into the studies of Ayurveda, meditation, Buddhist and Hindu studies as her curiosity expanded past the physical practice and into the spiritual practice of yoga.

Allison’s 30s brought on some tremendous challenges, such as injuries to her body and a severing to her heart and marriage. These challenges sparked her curiosity to understand the world, her life, and her place in it. She started reading books about the soul and learning astrology to find answers to these questions, and in the end, prevail through these hardships.

Allison is a painter and graphic designer for her online companies, Hand-Painted Weddings and Hand-Painted Yoga. Ideas come to Allison in a fluid, creative way so she has found painting to be her medium of choice to communicate. She is also blessed to be a single mom to her adorable toddler, Graham, and can be found running and dancing around a playground along the streets of Philadelphia.

One of the pillars of the ancient practice of yoga is to release the benefits of your practice to the freedom of the world, and her mission is to share these pieces of wisdom to connect and support people that are going through their own unique struggles.